Cymbal Pac-Man. 6th grade cool kid. 🎱 Where my Pogs at.

    Coffee & Kick Drums

    Hey guys this is me sitting in front of a fake bear doing the same pose as the fake bear. I was going to post bear a resemblance or bear with me on this but felt dumb. Still feel dumb. Beary well then.

    Fate at the flea market


    Just me and my bae on a Saturday night

    With so much work to do, I put these little Wayne Gretzky and Orel Hershiser figurines on my studio desk to stare at me and my screen so that I’ll remain motivated and working hard. I spend so much time in here that I have reoccurring dreams we are friends in real life. #studio #music #work #gretzky #hershiser #crazycatlady #looneytunes

    Enter September

    @altpress shenanigans at Borders Books. RIP 💀#trstbt

    san fran thank ya ma’am

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